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  • Guest Book IF61K
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Guest Book - with customized inscription. Large size.



Guest books are destined for your guests to let them leave you a message, thought or memorial of your time spent together.

Exclusive Collection Guest Books are made of the highest quality materials available. Stylish external cover is made of soft, velvet-like, burgundy fabric, which can be decorated with customized, gold embedded inscription.
Inside you'll find 50 sheets with subtle decorative print.

To place an order for Guest Book, with your customized inscription, you'll have to send us your design as an vector graphics, so we could prepare the extrusion die. Also you'll have to pinpoint the exact die position (in metric units) according to following example. Front cover size of this product is 210 mm x 250 mm.

Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces of the same inscription but it may contain various formats (f.e. Double, triple cases and photo albums).


If you are interested in purchasing this product please support us with information about the quantity and prefered embossment. We will prepare special calculation for you.

To set all details please contact with us over the mail or phone.

Tel. 07765 525 783