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Lizard SL94
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  • Lizard SL94
  • Lizard SL94
  • Lizard SL94
  • Lizard SL94
  • Lizard SL94
  • Lizard SL94
  • Lizard SL94
  • Lizard SL94
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Professional video slider Lizard with Slide Control system – 94 cm long.



Slider SL94 is professional device designed for dynamic shots created with moving camera.

Simple, sturdy design and compact size allows you to use the slider in many different environments. Owning adjustable legs the device may be set on almost ay surface and stabilized easily. During transportation, legs can be folded underneath the slider, reducing its size.

Slide Control is innovative system allowing to maintain steady and smooth trolley movement. This exceptional effect has been achieved owing to rolls parts working in fluid environment, allowing to create precisely calculated amount of friction. Slide Control system is patented Foton Accessories solution!


The slider is supplied with 3 groups of 1/4” and 3/8” threaded holes, designed for easy tripod mounting. You may also attach it - with ADAPSL adapter - to different surrounding elements like doors, windowsills, handrails, doorposts and such. The device may be also mounted on Flamingo Jib easily.


On the slider's dolly there is placed 3/8” thread for video or photo head assembly.

The Time Lapse Scale is placed on sliders surface – for creating extraordinary shots.

The slider is supplied with bag – for convenient device transportation.

Technical specification:

  • Head mounting thread: 3/8”,
  • Maximum load: 8 kg,
  • Slide length: 84 cm,
  • Slider length: 94 cm,
  • adjustable rolls with Slide Control system,
  • Weight: 4,5 kg.

We provide 36 months of warranty for this product. We also provide post-warranty maintenance and service.

Tel. 07765 525 783