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Varanus SV-3
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  • Varanus SV-3
  • Varanus SV-3
  • Varanus SV-3
  • Varanus SV-3
  • Varanus SV-3
  • Varanus SV-3
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Varanus SV-3 - double drive set (pan&tilt).



Advanced, double drive set for cameras and camcorders – mounted on 3/8” thread. Programmable controller precisely manages the operation of the engines and - after connecting the appropriate cable – camera shutter in Time-lapse mode. Possibility of setting the track, determine the speed of movement and looping, allows to automate the work of a filmmaker. Operates in two axes – Pan and Tilt.

Movement in both axes can be synchronized and allows the camera to accurately track the filmed subject. As a result, it becomes possible to develop ambitious film production without additional cameramen.

Advanced algorithms used in the original software allow you to simplify the process of creating time-lapse movies. After selecting the starting and finishing points, setting number of frames and shutter speed, the device automatically performs all necessary calculations. This allows you to avoid troublesome calculations and simplify the creative process.

Efficient, energy-saving motor allows you to work at different planes: from horizontal to vertical and in all intermediate settings. Power using popular batteries Sony NP - Series Fxxx provides up to 8 hours (for single drive) or 5 hours (for double drive) of work - in video mode and more than 70 hours in the Time-lapse.
Maximum load of mounted recording device is 6 kg for horizontal movement and 3 kg for vertical.

Set is manufactured of durable and lasting aluminum alloys. Controllers housing is resistant to splashes, shock and allows you to work in difficult weather conditions (-10 to +40C). Unlike the joysticks used in similar devices, which are susceptible to dirt and - in time - subject to frequent mechanical defects, we've intentionally used hermetic navigation buttons, guaranteeing long-term and reliable operation of our product.

The included holder allows for mounting controller on tripod leg or similar components.
The modular design allows you to combine sets or increase their functionality with additional accessories (see recommended products below).

Basic functions:

  • Two modes – Video and Time-lapse
  • Works in various planes
  • Advanced algorithms for track, speed and tilt calculations
  • Memory bank with 10
  • Remote shutter release
  • Star delay and loop
  • Speed adjustment
  • RAMP
  • Battery info
  • Power efficient
  • Splash, shock and weather resistant controller
  • Compatible with Kameleon Sliders.
Technical specification:
  • Min. speed in Video mode, horizontal movement: 0,12 mm/s
  • Max. speed in Video mode, horizontal movement: 9 mm/s
  • Min. rotation in Video mode, horizontal movement: 14 s
  • Max. rotation in Video mode, horizontal movement: 320 s
  • Max. load of the trolley, horizontal movement: 6 kg
  • Max. load of the trolley, vertical movement: 3 kg
  • Operating time with NP-F 970 battery: 72 h in Time-lapse
  • 8 h in Video mode (1 motor non-stop)
  • 5 h in Video mode (2 motors non-stop)
  • Pan motor weight: 0,7 kg
  • Tilt motor weight: 0,9 kg

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