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SLTG Tripod with ball head, dedicated for Foton Accessories Sliders.



SLTG Tripod was developed especially for Foton Accessories Sliders. Sturdy, steel design guarantees stable work - even under heavy load – as well as high resistance to damage.
Adjustable column height allows for easy tripod adaptation to various shooting conditions.

Included ball head allows to set slider at various angles. The head is supplied with quick release system with sliding plate, which – attached to slider – allows for fast slider mounting.

Tripod is supplied with handy bag for convenient transportation.

Technical specification:

  • mounting: 1/4" thread (3/8" after head removal),
  • maximum load: 40 kg,
  • maximum working height: 170 cm,
  • minimum working hight: 106 cm,
  • weight: 5 kg.

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