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Massive STF 3/8 Tripod, with 3/8" mounting - dedicated Jibs, Cranes and heavy Video Heads.



Owing to reinforced design, STF 3/8 Tripod guarantees safe and stable work heavy and demanding equipment such as Jibs, Cranes and Video Heads.

Adjustable extension column with security pin allows safe work with load up to 40 kg maximum.

Tripod is very mobile owing to included wheels with brakes.

We provide 36 months of warranty for this product. We also provide post-warranty maintenance and service.

Technical specification:

  • mounting: 3/8" thread,
  • maximum load: 40 kg,
  • maximum working height: 150 cm,
  • minimum working height: 108 cm,
  • weight: 9,8 kg.

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