Terms & conditions

  1. The online shop FOTONEX, operating at www.fotonex.co.uk, is led by
    Sebastian Poplawski
    Elm Park Road
    RG30 2TP
  2. Fotonex online shop , leads the sale of the goods placed on the web site through the mediation of the Internet. Orders placed at Fotonex will be realised in the maximum shortest time up to 7 business days after confirmation of your payment.
  3. The content of the internet shop Fotonex does not determine the offer in the understanding of the civil code, now therefore the placing the order by the customer does not mean the immediate conclusion of a contract. The customer filling the order form makes an offer buying of the definite products.
  4. Placing order is tantamount with the acceptance the decisions of the present Terms of service.
  5. All prices listed in our shop FOTONEX are gross values expressed in British pounds.
  6. The price given at every products is valid at the time of order. Fotonex reserves the right to change prices of goods in our offer, introduce new products to the offer, carry and cancel promotional actions on page and make the changes. Price change does not refer to orders accepted to the realization.
  7. We have the right to cancel the realization of the order in the situation, when quoted price of the product is incorrect, because of the foult in data communication system.
  8. To every order we attach the receipt or the invoice and required number of instructions and certificates as well as the trade agreement is concluded.
  9. While placing the order you should fill the order form located on side and send it to the store Fotonex.
    Properly placed order defines following issues:
    - contact details and adress (the customer, the receiver and the payer)
    - definite position of at least one good along with the price
    - method of payment
    - costs of shipment
  10. Payment:
    Payment can be made in the following ways:
    - Debit/credit card online (via PayPal Merchant Services)
    - PayPal (if you have a PayPal account)
    - Directly on our bank account (bank details are established in checkout).
    Please note we do not accept cash payments.
  11. A condition to conclude the order is to provide us with accurate data - in this – particular the telephone number.
  12. The order acceptance is preceded by it's verification, in which all the individual details are set . The verification will be made by phone or over the e-mail.
    If the verification will not follow in declared time,it may mean that included data was incorrect. In such situation please contact with the store Fotonex. If no action would be taken by you within 2 working days from the day of the placed order, it will result in rejection of the order.
  13. Customers who will specify the e-mail address will be kept informed about the status of the order , and every correctly submitted order will be confirmed automatically by registered e-mail of the customer.
  14. The order is directed to the realization after the verification and confirmation of the payment on Fotonex account.
  15. The present regulations are integral part of enclosed conctract between the Fotonex shop and Customers of service in the electronic way. The regulations are avaiable for Customers free of charge via website.
  16. Every Customer has a full right to return the product and claim refund within 8 days from the date of it’s receipt if it will not meet customer expectation, refound would not be fulfilled if the product will be used or damaged by customer. To do this please let us know by phone or e-mail.
  17. If the Customer finds the defect of the goods purchased from us should immediately inform about this the shop Fotonex.
    Any problems would be solved as soon as possible, pleasantly and professionally. Surely we will not disappoint You!
    On all offered by us goods we give the guarantee. In the case of the product defect we ask for the renvoi of it on the address of the shop. At the same time please send us a return confirmation via e-mail or phone.
  18. In maladjusted matters herein the regulations will be applied under the civil law.

Tel. 07765 525 783