Fotonex is directed and managed by:

Sebastian Poplawski
Elm Park Road
RG30 2TP

  • Fotonex leads the sale of photo and video accessories via orders placed online.

  • Orders placed at Fotonex will be processed within 1 business days after confirmation of payment.

  • By placing an order, you agree to the terms and conditions of service.

  • All prices listed online are the gross values in British pound sterling.

  • The given price of goods is valid only at the time of the order. Fotonex reserves the right to change prices of its products and introduce promotional offers. Price change does not qualify for discount for existing orders.

  • We reserve the right to cancel orders if the quoted price of the product is incorrect, due to system faults.

  • The receipt or the invoice is attached to all orders.

  • Whilst placing an order, please fill out the order form, correctly stating:  
    - contact details and full address (the customer, the receiver and the payer)
    - description of the items along with its prices
    - method of payment
    - costs of shipment

  • We accept the following payments:
    - Debit/Credit card online (via PayPal Merchant Services)
    - PayPal (if you have a PayPal account)
    - Directly via our bank account (bank details are established at checkout).
    Please note: we do not accept cash payments.

  • We ask that all orders are completed with accurate details, in particular, the telephone number.

  • The order acceptance is preceded by verification, in which all the individual details are set. The verification will be made by phone or over email.

  • If the verification does not follow after your order was placed, it could mean that your data was incorrect. In such instance, please contact Fotonex. If no action is taken within 2 business days, the order will be cancelled.

  • Customers will be kept updated about the progress of their orders.

  • The current regulations form a contract between Fotonex and its customers. The regulations are available free of charge and are accessible via our website.

  • Customers have a right to return their purchases and claim refunds within 8 business days from the date of goods receipt.

Please note: used or damaged products will not be eligible for refunds. For products to quality for a refund, they must be in a resalable condition.

  • To claim a refund, please email us.

  • If a defect if found on any of our products, please contact us immediately.

  • We aim to resolve any potential issues pleasantly and professionally.