Windscreen designed for Sony VX 2100, Panasonic AG DVC 60, Panasonic AG DVC 100 A/B View larger

Windscreen designed for Sony VX 2100, Panasonic AG DVC 60, Panasonic AG DVC 100 A/B


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Microphones Windscreens are designed to fit directly the microphones and to ensure the elimination of wind noise while recording film and video applications.

They guarantee maximum noise reduction and they do not have an effect on frequency response.

Inner circumference: 14,4 cm
Depth: 7,5 cm

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Microphone windscreen

Is a professional microphone windscreen necessary? Depends, if you do not care about good sound quality - the answer is no. However, if you strive for perfection - it will certainly work wonders.

What is a microphone windscreen?

A microphone windscreen will stop the sound of wind gusts, hum and other unwanted background noise. This artificial fur cover includes an elastic band that keeps it tight on a microphone. Because it is small, it does not take up much space in your gear bag. Hence, it is always handy whenever you want to capture good quality sound.

How does a microphone windscreen work?

A microphone windscreen is especially designed to record the best quality sound. Firstly, it keeps the human voice unchanged. Secondly, the sound remains clear without losing high frequencies. Hence, if you want to record videos outside and in unfavorable conditions - nothing will work better but a microphone windscreen!

Who is a microphone windscreen for?

Professional filmmakers,




Amateur-filmmakers who strive for perfection.

Find the perfect microphone windscreen

A microphone windscreen can be perfectly matched to the model of your camcorder. Just search the brand needed (for example, Sony, Panasonic, JVC or Canon) and you will certainly find the best fit at Fotonex.