Universal Raincover designed for JVC GY-HM200E


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Universal thermal raincovers are designed to protect camcorders against snow, rain and sudden temperature changes.

Made from waterproof fabric, lined with a thin thermal foam; plain, clear PVC resistant to high and low temperatures.

Its construction allows operator to easily access all the camcorder's functions.

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To take a beautiful film shot is to carefully consider the surrounding conditions.

One should take into account the most important factors: light and weather. However, being a professional camera operator means knowing there is much more to focus on. Wind, humidity, frost, temperature - these are just a few that could pose a threat to equipment that does not always work properly in bad conditions. How to protect against them? How to ensure a camcorder works in every condition?

Weather Protection 

The easiest solution is to buy a universal raincover. It has additional weather protection as compared to other rain and protective covers. Equipment is protected from freezing by a thermal foam layer which insulates heat. Are you planning a photoshoot by a waterfall where the humidity is high? Do you want to record an off-road vehicle race? Or maybe capture animals on Safari? However difficult the condition, a universal raincover will deal with all. 

Recording with Universal Raincover  

Using a universal raincover has never been easier. Not only is it connected via hook-and-loop fasteners but also all parts are easily detachable hence there is no problem with replacing a battery or pressing function buttons. Moreover, there is additional space for hands to keep them warm while using a camcorder. Those who have had their fingers frozen to the bone while recording, will never have to worry again!

Covers for Various Models

All rain covers are tailored to specific camera models. At Fotonex, a universal raincover will fit Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Canon. They are perfectly contoured with all shapes and sizes to enable easy and quick usage!