Protective Cover designed for Canon XL-2


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Camcorder Protective Covers are designed to protect your equipment against dust, humidity and sudden temperature changes.

Made from waterproof fabric, lined with thin foam, plain clear PVC used in windows to see buttons through it.

Quick release straps ensure fast battery and cassette change.

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Protective covers are a must-have for all outdoor photographers.

One surely knows that a perfect film shot needs careful preparation if the goal is to perfectly capture a view of landscape, night, street or stars. Hence, a protective cover is a necessary part of equipment. How can you use it and do you really need it?

Mechanical Damage Protection

A lot of equipment damage is caused by people. Only one second of inattention is enough for a camcorder to land with a bang on the ground. Protective covers were developed to prevent this from happening. They are made of several layers of material that absorb mechanical damage. Additionally, they are water-resistant which protects against humidity.

Few-second - installation

Protective covers are easy to put on and take off. Moreover, they do not hinder changing a battery - each model has quick-release strips for easier battery access. Also, a protective cover does not restrict the view, therefore, it becomes invisible after installation. Moreover, its case is small, so you can take it with you to any movie set. 

Perfect Protective Cover for Your Camcorder

Fotonex offers several dozen camcorder covers. Just search for the model of your camera in a wide range of Panasonic, Sony, Canon and JVC cameras. If you wonder whether a protective cover is worth getting, the answer is simple: "prevention is better than cure". In case of any expensive recording equipment, everyone would agree!